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Learn from an Ayurvedic Perspective how to cleanse your body and improve the level of conciousness of your overall health knowledge. 

An Ayurvedic Consultation is the initial aspect of a Pancha Karma Retreat, but it can also be used individually to learn and create a better life style.  

An Ayurvedic Consultation involves a deep conversation about your life, diet, schedules, relationships, practices and more.  The idea is match Ayurveda with your life in order to use this Amazing Life Science to improve yours.


PANCHA KARMA RETREAT. Come and retreat with Leonardo in Costa Rica at his place located on the mountains of Heredia, about 15 minutes away from the airport, in a nice 36 acres coffee plantation. 

Retreating with Leonardo is receiving all of his services at once.  A Pancha Karma Retreat is a complete reset of body, mind and emotions.  Aiming to raise conciousness and find a deeper sense of Well Being.  Utilizing Ayurveda and Deep Shamanic Healing, a Pancha Karma Retreat offers a great opportunity for you to take your life back in your hands.


LIFE / HEALTH COACHING.  A service especially designed to assist you in creating a better life, improve your diet and become a better YOU.

To clear your energies and make you feel stronger everyday while you work smarter and clearer to make it happen.  This is not regular coaching, it goes way further. We will create a better life together, a real life for you. 

Life in itself is very complex.  The body, the diet, the mind, the emotions, work, partners, self healing, where to live, the Spiritual Path and so on.  Life has so many components to it that really putting them all together alone is nearly an impossible work for many, many people.  

Proper guidance is essential sometimes in life.


LIBERATION HEALING SESSION. Past lives issues, thought patterns, belief systems, darkish energies, karmas, relationships that weren't closed correctly and much more...  

A Liberation Healing Session is a combination of many different techniques that are specifically targeted to clear your energy and make you clearer and more efficient in life, moving you forward.  


We invite you to an 
Amazing Healing Retreat 
July 4th-13th, 2014
South America

Real Shamans from Colombia, Medicine of Ayahuasca, Medicine of Yopo, SweatLodges, Professional Musicians and Ancestral Sacred Ceremonies.

A great opportunity you cannot miss if you wish to change your Life radically once and for all and work with the 106 yrs old Grandfather Shaman

Read more here...

Leonardo Cordero Ayurveda, Detoxification, Yoga, Spiritual Healing

Leonardo Cordero, grew up at the beach and the countryside of Costa Rica.

He studied Business Administration, Web Design and Turism.  He has held positions in all these careers that go from Managements to Naturalist Tour Guide, from English Teacher to Financial Asistant, from Web Designer and Webmaster to Human Resources.  All these happened until he found his Spiritual Path 11 years ago and then all changed. 

In his Spiritual Path he has studied the following:

  • Ayurveda: Ayurvedic Center for Wellbeing in Sarasota Florida, under the guidance of his teachers Doctors Bryan and Light Miller, where he graduated as a Clinical Ayurvedic Therapist and Pancha Karma Ayurvedic Technician. He studied Ayurvedic Herbology, Aromatherapy, Therapy, Psychology, Meditation, Yoga, Pathology, Diet, Massage, Pancha Karma and Ayurvedic Diagnosis.  He studied also Ayurvedic Dermatology with Dr. Vivek Shanbag, director of the Ayurvedic Academy in Seattle, USA.  He has also studied with Dr. Acharya from the University of Gujarat, India about Pancha Karma, Detoxification and Ayurveda. 
  • Spiritual and Energetic Healing: 
    • Reiki Master in Usui, Shambala, Ayurveda and Yoga Reikis.
    • Pranic Healing at the Institute for Inner Studies in San José Costa Rica, Basic, Advance, Psicotherapeutic and Psychic self defense levels. 
    • Spiritual Response Therapy.
    • Rising Star Healing System with Elka Boren.
    • Maka Wi Shamanism with Shaman Woman Nicole Perl de Rosé. 
    • Munay Ki Shamanism with Kushala from México. 
    • He studied with Shaman Taita Aichak Don Alverto Taxo.  
    • He follows the Shamanic Tradition of the Siona Culture from Colombia with his direct teachers Taita (Shaman) Juan Guillermo Chindoy and Taita Laureano Piaguaje, the Grandfather (106 years old).
  • Yoga: varios traditions and styles include the development of Leonardo's current practice.  Hatha Yoga with Natahsa van der Dijs from the school and tradition of Kriya Yoga from Babaji Maharaj, Lahiri Mahasaja, Sri Yuketswar, Paramahansa Yogananda and Guruji Krishna Yogananda, for 1 year; Ayurvedic Yoga, 4 years; Kundalini Yoga, 1 year, Anusara Yoga, 5 years and Ashtanga Yoga 2 years and counting. He has over 750 hours of Yoga Training.  
  • Meditation:  
    • Transcendental Meditation with Jim Vuille.
    • I AM Meditation in Amma Ji tradition.
    • Twin Heart Meditation from Gran Master Choa Kok Sui in the Pranic Healing Tradition.
    • He has participated in 3, 10-days Vipassana Silence Retreats in the Tradition of S.N. Goenka.  
  • Other Courses:
    • Apitherapy or Acupunture with Bees with Teacher Alejandro Bianchi from Mexico.
    • Flower Essences Therapy with Master Lidieth Araya.
    • Teacher Certification level 1 Qigong, with Miguel Sarria and Dashi Chu Cocica directors of Integrative Qigong Health and Asian Curative Arts in New Mexico and Florida.
    • Yoga of Breath and Advance Practices Course from the Art of Living Foundation.
    • Man Kind Project, where he has participated in 3 retreats and one retreat as part of the staff.
    • Spiritual Warrior course with Teacher Cynthia Signet a one year course on Toltec and Maya Spiritual Traditions and practices. 

Leonardo has specialized in Detoxification, Purification, Healing and Pancha Karma Retrets and offers them in Costa Rica since early 2006.  He has offered over 400 days of Pancha Karma to clients from Costa Rica, United States, Venezuela, Colombia and India. Leonardo offers exclusive detoxification combinations for body, mind, emotions and Spirit.  He bases his work on Ayurveda, Spiritual Healing, Shamanism, Yoga and Meditation.

Leonardo developed and directs a mild detoxification program at Pura Vida Spa Yoga and Wellness Retreat, in Costa Rica. 

He is the Author of the Book Ayurveda Science of Purification.  A simple Manual to learn how to detoxify oneself with Ayurvedic and Yogic principles and to follow and Ayurvedic Life Style.  He offers courses on Self Detoxification and Purification.  He offers Meditation and Spiritual Practices Courses.

His company is DisfruteLaVida.com and LifeEnjoyer.com, from which his work is to develop consciousness and health with ancient practices and therapies. 

He has three amazing children.  Natalia (16), Sebastián (17) and Agustín (18).